October 27, 2021

German Longhaired Pointer Popup Training Days 2021

A summary of pop up training days run by the GLPC written by Coshy Kimberley.

German Longhaired Pointer pop up training days, these were great fun and were a very good thing to be able to put on for club members we opened it up to non members also. We were able to put them on in the Godolming area and Kent area, due totally to the fact of being offered ground to use, so a big thank you to both the hosts, Niel and Suzanna Mills and Sean and Kathy Connor.

The day at Godalming was particularly for Novice standard dogs who were keen on doing working tests. Steve Kimberley was able to help handlers with a variety of issues they had, from delivery problems, to handling their dogs at distance. It was extremely hot on that day and I commend one and all for working so hard in the heat, all the dogs did really well.

The day at Woodchurch was aimed at young dogs and beginners, starting from scratch. A couple of handlers had slightly older dogs who were at beginner level. This course worked really well and there was plenty of time for handlers to discuss various problems they were encountering, Steve was able to set up scenarios for handlers to work on with their dogs.

We will be planning more of these days in 2022 and would suggest if anyone is interested they should either contact Coshy Kimberley at

Or follow the GLPC on facebook as that is where they will be advertised initially.

If you have ground you that you would like to offer the club for a pop up day please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

October 27, 2021