Living with the German Longhaired Pointer

This breed really is a pleasure to have in the home, they are affectionate, intelligent and gentle.  

Like all dogs, the German Longhaired Pointer requires boundaries from day one.

Being a gundog breed specifically bred to hunt, point and retrieve from land and water, the breed has bags of energy and needs exercise and mental stimulation every day, come rain or shine. Like any other breed, the German Longhaired Pointer requires training, be it as a working dog, or not, it is important that the dog receives training in all obedience basics.

Companionship is a must for this breed as a dog who is left to be bored or lonely may be destructive, just like any other.


The German Longhaired Pointer has a mid length coat and will require regular grooming to prevent matting around the ears, tail and leg feathers. 


As with all gun dog breeds, the German Longhaired Pointer can make a great family pet as they were developed to work as part of a team with the hunter and will show loyalty, companionship and affection.