GLP Show Critiques

Gundog Society of Wales – 11th October 2023

JUDGE: Martyn J Rees 

My sincerest thanks to the Secretary, Officers and Committee for their invitation to Judge at this show today. Every appointment for me is a great honour. I was delighted with my entry. As always, I must extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to all the exhibitors for affording me the privilege of Judging their dogs – I really did have a wonderful day Judging.






1ST Ms S S Thomson, Sarscottah Eclipse: Whilst obviously very raw at just 8 months of age, she is balanced, of medium size and unexaggerated. Her muzzle and skull are in unison for her age, dentition correct, clean and complete, strong underjaw, clean neck of moderate length, very good forehand assembly, good width and depth to brisket, excels in bone quality all through, croup long with slight slope, tail set correctly, well bent stifles and parallel hocks. Moved soundly if not erratically at times and did enough to earn BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST BITCH.




1ST Mr J & Mrs S Speck, Sarscottah Du Specktacular: A very pleasing bitch of nearly 15 months of age – she presented today devoid of any coat although what coat she did retain was of good quality. Very well balanced full of breed type – it is very easy to see the potential that this bitch possesses once she matures. Excellent head and expression. Dentition, clean correct and complete. Clean and slightly arched neck with good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Clear and visible sternum. Long, well sprung rib cage leading to strong loin and well made hindquarters. Excellent bone and feet. Moved well and soundly.




1ST Mr D & Mrs A Wright, Caldera Coral Dawn at Lassemista: An extremely beautiful bitch of 20 months of age – presented and shown to the very highest of standards. So very feminine. So very striking. She presented a superb outline both when standing and moving. She retains a very good topline on the move. The very best of heads with correctly set ears. Her dentition was both correct clean and complete with a strong underjaw. She has desired moderate length of neck with slight arch, leading through to an excellent lay of shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm. Excellent brisket of very good width and depth and she is well ribbed back. Muscular loin. Strong, well- muscled hindquarters with super bone and feet with short nails. Moved well both fore and aft and presented a good open side gait when viewed in profile – so very free whilst in stride. In excellent coat and condition and showed and
handled to absolute perfection. BEST BITCH & BEST OF BREED


2ND Ms S S Thomson, Sarscottah Delux: Litter sister to my Junior Class winner I am presuming looking at my catalogue. Very well balanced full of breed type. Excellent head and expression. Dentition, clean correct and complete. Nicely arched neck of moderate length with good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Long, well sprung rib cage and well made hindquarters. Excellent bone and feet. Moved well and soundly.




1ST Mr Cottam, Sarscottah Cloudburst: I really did like this bitch in her class, full of breed type, very well balanaced and free fro exaggeration BUT in the challenge a change of handler meant that her show stance and movement was not replicated from that shown in this class – she would have received higher honours if that had been the case. 5 years of age so now looking at her very best. A lovely bitch and so very feminine with a lovely clean head and expression, very good bone all through. Correct, clean and complete dentition, clean neck into well placed shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm, good width and depth of brisket with visible sternum, moderate hind angulation, tight, neat feet with short nails, moved very soundly except in the challenge where she did not move to her best advantage. Presented to a high standard.




1ST Mrs L & Mr P & Miss S Thomas & Taylor & Richards, Sophisticated Lady: A bitch of approaching 5 years of age, presented in full coat. Of pleasing overall type and extremely well balanced. Very good head and expression with all dentition correct, clean and complete. Prominent sternum. Very good neck of moderate length and slightly arched into a good forehand assembly, ribs sprung, muscular loin, muscled hindquarters and moved soundly.




1ST Ms S S Thomson, Es Ch/ir Sh Ch/lux/ned Ch Swiss Ch Sarscottah Arris Ir Jnr Ch Cjw 16 Cw 17 Euro W21 Rsce W20 Ww20 W/w23: An absolutely top quality male of 8½ years of age, presented and shown to the highest of standards. This dog impressed me for his overall balance and very typical outline when stacked correctly. Excellent head shape, with dark eye and correctly set ears. Strong muzzle and under jaw with dentition which was both correct, clean and complete. Strong, slightly arched neck of moderate length. Clearly defined and visible sternum. Very good width and depth of brisket. Good length of rib cage with strong, loin muscular. His hindquarters are well
muscled and he has a moderate turn of stifle and excellent width of second thigh.. Excels in quality bone all through. Very good feet and short nails. On the move he is very sound and true, covering ground with ease.. Showed a good open side gait and driving from his rear quarters. BEST DOG & BEST VETERAN




1ST Mr D & Mrs A Wright, Caldera Coral Dawn at Lassemista

Mid Western Gundog Society – 1st October 2023

JUDGE: Jennifer Millard




P 1(0) 1. Gale’s Cadanbyrig Fire and Ice. 10 month old youngster, lacking weight but otherwise with much to like, balanced and moderate but not overly done, exceptionally sound on the move and so clean coming and going, a really relaxed attitude and a very promising prospect. BP.


G 1(0) 2. Speck’s Sarscottah Du Specktacular. 14 month old bitch at a slightly awkward age but I was immediately took by her adorable outgoing personality, I liked her for size and substance, with a good spring of rib and plenty of depth, she scores in construction to the fore and was sound on the move, balanced and workmanlike combined with femininity. RBOB.


O 1(0) 3. Thomas/Taylor/Richards’ Sophisticated Lady. A pleasing bitch with style and substance, her size appealed and she has a melting head and expression, good angles, not as clean coming and going as some but I liked her for type and maturity, not in the best of coats today but more than happy to forgive this. BOB.

City of Birmingham – 3rd September 2023

JUDGE: Richard Stafford




VD (1) 1 BD & BV Thomson, Ep/Lux/Ir Sh Ch/Dut Ch Sarscottah Arris, 8 years of age and not showing it super headed male who stood out for his balance and breed type, masculine head not over done in any way, correct ears and eye shape, well laid shoulders and good forechest, well bodied held his topline on the move, well angulated and muscled quarters which helped him power around the ring, shown in good coat.


PD (1) 1 Gale, Cadanbyrig Fire and Ice, raw 9 month puppy, pleasing head type and kind eye, correct coat colour to eye colour, correct depth of chest to elbow for his age, good bone and feet, moved as expected for age, he has a lot going for him and look forward to seeing him mature.


JD (1) 1 Res BD Roberts & Kent, Sarscottah Dalglish, this youngster appealed to me for his type and balance, solid liver with pleasing head and forechest, well boned and standing on good feet, deep through his chest, well bodied and angulated rear, shown in good coat and moved very well, should have a bright future.


LD (1) 1 Byrne, Caldera Coeur De Neige, 19 months l/w pleasing type, correct head shape and ear set. Well bodied with good bone and feet, super movement.


GCD (1) 1 Roberts & Kent, Sarscottah Dalglish.


VB (2,1) 1 McMinn, Ir Ch Lux Ch Int Ch Sarscottah Ava mit Tallis, 8 years super bitch, feminine head, clean through neck leading to well placed shoulders, enough bone and good feet, super depth of chest, well bodied with correct rib, strong quarters and moved well.


PB (3) 1 Smart, Cadanbyrig Snow Dancer 9 month solid liver with sweet feminine head, super front construction and well boned. Her top line needs to strengthen but this will come, well turned stifle, moved soundly and stood on good shaped feet. 2 Thomson, Sarscottah Eclipse, raw l/w 7 month a lot to like but played her handler up. 3 Connor, Cadanbyrig Ice and Roses at DeMelvilles.


JB (1) 1 Speck, Harvey Sarscottah Du Specktacular13 month solid liver, feminine head shape and correct eye colour, deep chest with good body, shown in good coat, with correct angulation, needs to tighten in rear movement. PGB (2) 1 & Res BB Wright & Wright, Caldera Coral Dawn at Lassemista with melting expression so feminine won on head shape in this class. Clean neck and shoulders, enough bone, very good movement held her top line on the move and standing, well muscled hindquarters show in good coat. 2 Connor, Caldera Crimson Glory at De Melville, another of good type, slightly smaller than the winner none the less similar attributes, pleasing
expression well bodied and moved well.


LB (1) 1 Williams, Wherrypoint Knight Fever, liver with pleasing head, well
boned, clean through the neck and well bodied, a little weak through the rear
end which spoilt her movement.


OB (3) 1 BB & BOB Thomson, Ep/Cz/IrShCh/Lux Jr Ch Sarscottah Charisma. Sweet feminine head, stood out here for her type balance and quality, clean through the neck and over the shoulders, deep chest and well boned, well muscled without any excess weight, super rear angulation moved very well covering the whole ring. 2 McMinn, Lux Ch Uptown Girl Hela Van De Boterakker To Talli, another quality female, solid liver with appealing head, clean shoulders and well bodied, ample bone and in good coat, she moved ok. 3 Thomas, Sophisticated Lady

National Gundog Association – 6th August 2023

JUDGE: Tracy Boyles

Due to the downpour halfway through judging, a quick dash had to be made to the indoor rings, this unsettled some of the youngsters. There are some weak rears creeping in, and some with a lack of drive, never a good thing and will need to be watched.




V D (1). 1 Thompsons ES Ch/IR Sh Ch/LUX/NED Ch Sarscottah Arris IR JUN Ch CJW 16 CW 17 Euro W21 RSCE W20 WW20 8-year-old, good bone, masculine head without being course, everything in the correct place, continues to move freely, just carrying to much weight today res BD.


PD (1). 1 Gale Cadanbyrig Fire and Ice 8-month-old, good head, and eye placement, has the correct reach of neck, flowing into well laid shoulders, ribs well sprung with the correct depth of chest, ribbed well back giving the correct height to length ratio. Moved out with drive, coat correct at this stage of development.


JD (1) Roberts & Kent – Sarscottah Dalglish a lot to like here, up standing dog developing nicely, head of the correct proportions, ears well placed, moderate length of neck, into well laid shoulders, front straight with a well-defined sternum, ample bone, and well ribbed, correct tail set, moved with reach and drive. BD


SBD (1) Gale Cadanbyrig Fire and Ice, as puppy.


ND no entries


GD 1: 1 Byrne Caldera Coeur de Neige Well grown with good bone, slightly broader in skull than I would prefer, neck of correct length, decent shoulder placement, would like more fill at the front, well sprung ribs, short in loin, moderate bend of stifle, well-muscled steady movement.


PGD no entries


OD no entries


VB 2: 1 McMinn IRCH Lux CH Sarscottah Ava mit Tallis Smart bitch good bone, balanced head, eye shape as it should be, well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, good length of body with strong rear assembly moved with easy flowing movement. 2 Smart Cadanbyrig Evening Breeze feminine head, moderate length of neck, not the shoulder angles of one, correct length of body and at 12 years old moved out with purpose.


PB 3: 1 Thomson Sarscottah Eclipse a very promising puppy full of breed type and quality, balanced head and correct eye, strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders, ample bone, straight front, good sring of rib reaching well back, correct rear angles, tail set correct, for one so young she has all the making of a top winner and I considered her for higher honors BPiB. 2 Smart Cadanbyrig Snow Dancer decent head proportions for a youngster of this age, height to length ratio correct, enough spring of rib, balanced angulation, moved well. 3 Connor Cadanbyrig Ice & Roses at De Melvilles


JB 3: 1 Smart Cadanbyrig Snow Dancer as puppy, 2 Thomson Sarscottah Delux very unsettled today she has a decent head a dark eye giving a soft expression, very balanced all round, strong rear moved with drive. 3 Speck Sarscottah Du Specktacular


SBB 1: 1 Connor Cadanbyrig Ice & Roses at De Melvilles feminine head with a soft expression, good length of neck, into well-laid shoulder, straight front, would prefer more depth of chest, and a little bit more of her all round, moved soundly.


NB no entries


GB 2:(1) 1 Connor Caldera Crimson Glory at De Melvilles feminine bitch good bone, balanced head, soft expression in a nicely shaped eye, straight front tight elbows, ribbed well back, well bent stifles, effortless free flowing movement with plenty of reach & drive resBB.


PGB 2:(1) 1 Smart Questor Layla at Cadanbyrig Feminine head with a soft intelligent expression, forelegs straight leading to tight feet, well sprung rib, moved soundly.

OB 3: 1 Thomas & Taylor & Richards Sophisticated Lady another quality feminine bitch, well boned, deep square muzzle, dark well shaped eye, good length of neck flows into well-laid muscular shoulders, well filled front, good depth of rib, short loin and sloping croup carrying tail correctly, moved freely with drive, BB & BoB 2 Thomson Es/cz Ch/Ir ShCh Sarscottah Charizma Ir Jnr Ch Lux Jnr Deu jnr W/jnr17 WW 17/18/20/21 Typical head with a soft expression, strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, deep chest with a good spring of ribs, strong loin & very good rear angulation was not particularly happy today.3 McMinn Lux Ch Uptown Girl Hela Van De Boterakker to Tallis (Imp Bel)

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society – 19th July 2023

JUDGE: Hilary Male (Malenbrook)






1st. Roberts & Kent’s Sarscottah Dalglish – Medium sized balanced dog who appealed for breed type, masculine head, correct ear set and feathering, moderate length neck into well placed shoulders, straight firm back, muscular loin, well bent stifle, moved with reach and drive. BOB


OPEN (1,0abs)


1st. Thomas, Taylor & Richards Sophisticated Lady – Feminine bitch, good head proportions, tight eye, clean neck, deep chested, good spring of rib, firm back, stifle well bent, moved soundly. RBOB


East Anglian Gundog Society – 7th April 2023

JUDGE: Daniela Pino Tranquada


What a lovely well run show – and a super sunny day for it. I had a great entry and so many super exhibits. Thank you for your support.




O (2, 1a): 1 BOB Wright’s Caldera Coral Dawn at Lassemista, what a really lovely girl – she was alone but I had great pleasure in just watching her – especially when she moved around the ring & she certainly defines “energetic”! She is raw & has all the excitable exuberance of youth being just 14 months but it is all there. Lovely frame with good body ratios & correct topline. Playful glint in her eye, clean neck, needs to fill out in the front & drop down but this will come with maturity. In lovely condition. She has an effortless ground covering stride – she moved across the ring in three to four strides such was her length of stride – it would be pleasurable to watch her moving out in a big open field.

Manchester Dog Show Society – 21st January 2023

JUDGE: Lee A S Cox


Thank you for accepting me as your replacement judge. 








1: ROBERTS, Mr David & KENT, Miss Dawn Sarscottah Dalglish, 6-month-old and clearly enjoying his day out. He is good for size and has a very pleasing head and expression. Decent lay of shoulder, chest dropping, and his coat is coming along. Once settled, he moved on the right track and held himself well. Delightful temperament. RBD and BP




1: ROBERTS, Mr David & KENT, Miss Dawn Sarscottah Dalglish




1: ROBERTS, Mr David & KENT, Miss Dawn Sarscottah Dalglish




1: THOMSON, Ms S CH EP.CH .LUX IR SH CH.DUT CH. SARSCOTTAH ARRIS, 7-year-old fully mature Br/w. Medium sized and all male in outlook. His head and expression pleases. He is sound to go over and moves out well. BD







1: CONNOR, Mrs Kathy B caldera crimson glory at De Melville, 11-month-old Br/w pleasing in outline and of the correct size. Sweet expression, soundest today of the class

2: THOMSON, Ms S SARSCOTTAH DELUX 6-month-old and just needs to settle in topline. She is good for type and has an excellent coat. Everything in the right place but it just needs for her head to engage in what she’s doing and then she’ll be away.

3: SPECK, Mrs Sarah Harvey Sarscottah Du Specktacular





2: SPECK, Mrs Sarah Harvey Sarscottah Du Specktacular, 6-month-old and
pleasing for type and shape. She has a very sweet head and expression, her
forehand is excellent, and she is balanced in angulation. Just needs to put her
brain in gear as her age told on the move. Super coat.




in outline and typical. Decent head and expression, correct topline and well-
set tail. Moved on the right track. Could possibly use her front a little more.


3: SPECK, Mrs Sarah Harvey Sarscottah Du Specktacular




Sarscottah Charizma. Mature bitch who excels on the move. She is super for
size and type, she has reach and drive but also a certain amount of style too.
Coat of correct length and texture BB & BOB

2: THOMAS, Mrs Lucia Sophisticated Lady, mature Br/w bitch of good size.
She pleases in head and is in excellent condition. A little soft in topline today
and she could have used herself a little more on the move. She was well
handled and her type is evident. RBB