The German Longhaired Pointer Club monitors the health of the breed as a matter of course and has an appointed breed health coordinator, working with the Kennel Club, to develop the breed health plan.  


This plan ensures that any health concerns are identified through evidence-based criteria and provides breeders with information and resources for making balanced breeding decisions that make health a priority. 



The GLPC have authored a draft breed health plan, which is currently pending review with the Kennel Club. We will update this page with a link to the plan when finalised.

Photo courtesy of Country Shots Photography 

The German Longhaired Pointer has no specific points of health concern.  The club is participating in the DNA research conducted by Dr Richard Crooijmans of Wageningen University & Research, 

Animal Breeding and Genomics in The Netherlands relating to instances of Thyroid Cancer on the continent.  To date, no dogs tested in the UK have been found to be affected.

The GLPC requires that breeding stock be tested prior to breeding, testing should be carried out in accordance with the available Kennel Club and BVA Schemes to include hip scoring, soundness and eye tests, specifically the test for Gonioscopy (subject to Kennel Club confirmation)  

The club also recommends DNA testing for E-Locus (yellow) coat colour and hair sample DNA testing for Thyroid Cancer.